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Embroidered Cooperator patch - Patch holders only.

Embroidered Cooperator patch - Patch holders only.

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This patch is only for those that have been lucky enough to receive the 'Patch Money Cannot Buy'... this is one that you can buy... but ONLY if you are already patched.

The idea behind this is that we have had some people lose their original patch, some people have framed theirs and want them as part of a display, we want you to get out there with the cooperator patch and show it off, sooooo this is for that purpose. 

Whether you want this patch for 'best' or you want the original one for 'best' it is entirely up to you. 

Please use them responsibly. 

If you want to purchase one, drop us a line on any of our social media platforms or by clicking the 'contact us' button and we will sort it out.  



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