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Amsler hurricane 2049 toxic/blood splash

Amsler hurricane 2049 toxic/blood splash

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*** lifted from AmslerTools website ***



The intended use of these tools is for desk cut mat work as well as everyday carry for daily tasks. A wide range of people use my blades daily for craft, leather work, letter opener, everyday tasks, mycology, forestry as well as collecting.

My lead time is 7-10 days from order placement. Once an order is placed I sheath sharpen and mount the glow. since I’m just a one man show I need some time to juggle all ends so I reserve some time so I can keep up with work flow and shipment of all the other order I receive. Orders will ship earlier then that sometimes. If you need something sooner please contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

2049 size-

-Blade material : CPM MAGNA CUT
5/32" thick
Blade Edge 1 5/8"
6 1/8" OAL
-Bos heat treat
-Titanium clip spacer and screws (size T8 torx)
-Kydex sheath
-Anodized hardware

Standard Size-

Blade material : cpm s35vn
Blade Edge 1 3/8"
OAL 5.25"
Bos heat treat
Titanium clip spacer and screws
Kydex sheath
wiha torx key included

Extra Orings and Wiha T8 torx bit provided in the package

Own a piece of the future..

Same as the original version the blade is cpm S35VN with BOS heat treat. The blade has been redesigned to allow for a more shallow grind and will take a finer sharpened angle. The tip has been flat sharpened to make it thicker and more rebust for lots of use on detailed tasks. The shape has a false tanto look to it.. To the eye it looks more like a tanto then a drop point but the tip between the two edges has been mildly rounded off to bring the two together..

The clip has been redesigned to provide for a more stream-lined look. It grips to pockets quite well and is easily bent back if overextended in future use .The clip, spacer and screws are all titanium. All the components have been taken down to a fine finish and then stonewashed and polished.. Like the originals the sheath is kept as small as possible and doesn't stand out in a pocket carry setting…

I've included with the blade some extra o-rings ...The screws are not cheap and I can't warrantee them so please be careful with them… I can sell them separately if needed… They are definitely worth the cost though and have a perfect machined finish… Dare I say the nicest screws I've ever seen. The clip is also reversible now...

The blades come with orings installed on the forward of the blade.. They provide better grip and help protect the blade from scratches and noise from putting it down on flat surfaces… They can be taken off or moved around to your liking with or without the clip installed

The blade has been sharpened to a 18 degree angle using a wicked edge sharpening system . I take them to 3200 grit and then strop them a bit by hand..

All my blades are made by hand. I have parts waterjet but all the other work is done using sanding belts and assorted buffers. I don't use CNC or mass production machinery. Because of this no knife is identical and each have minor distinct differences.

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