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Victorinox X EDCCooperative 2023 Special Edition Alox

Victorinox X EDCCooperative 2023 Special Edition Alox

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They have finally landed, not with great deliberation with regards to the import... anyway, the 2023 Victorinox X EDCCooperative Special Edition Alox Knife is here and we have to say, even though we are biased, it is amazing! With the constraints placed upon us by Victorinox, we have been extremely lucky to have what we have, we are really lucky with what we have and can share with some of you soon, if you were lucky enough to get on the presale within the group in December of 2022.


**** This item will only to be sold to those who have already paid the deposit in December 2022 and is password protected the correct shipping will need to be added by yourselves at the checkout as well, any mistakes in this will cause the shipping to be delayed. **** 

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